Copying Cornell

The first comic’s name is Copy and Paste, and there was a clever meaning behind it. Everything I observed in the classroom that day was some sort of Copy and Paste. Students completed the Cornell Notes that I asked about through copying and pasting. Then, the activity they did in the classroom was information they Copied and Pasted from a website called The students I asked about Cornell Notes told me that they were supposed to help with note-taking. However, students did not understand the purpose of the notes and ended up Copying and Pasting the information they needed. The classroom activity of the day presented the students with the same frustration. The students were told to look up three interesting facts about an Ancient Greek god or goddess they picked. In addition to the facts, the students were required to draw 2-3 symbols associated with the god or goddess. I went around to each group and asked about the symbols, and students were so perplexed by the question—they often became frustrated because they did not know there was an expectation to elaborate on their drawing. My cooperating teacher was very proud of the work the students did, but I left feeling perplexed and disappointed that day. I felt that teaching is going to be giving students activities and the student completing them without much thought. When asking my teacher about the purpose of the activity, there did not seem to be an objective. This made me think a lot about the Morgan article about the Copy and Paste Function. As the research showed, the Copy and Paste function can serve an effective purpose when implemented correctly. However, I would argue that these students would benefit greatly from learning how to take effective notes. The students have already developed bad habits as 7th graders—not only do they plagiarize, but they believe that high-level cognition is not required to succeed in school. While writing this response and reflecting on the observation, I was thinking about how I can facilitate high levels of processing. I kept coming back to the Cornell Notes. The premise behind the organization of Cornell Notes makes a lot of sense to me, but there was no instruction and guidance on the implementation of them. 

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