StoryBoard- Digital Story Telling

  • Introduction 
    • I want to open up the digital story with the sound of the starting blocks at the beginning of the race
    • The Screen is going to be black
      • After the opening sound of a starting line I am thinking about having softer music playing throughout the Digital Story
      • Then, there is going to be a transitional effect to Slide 1
  • Slide 1
    • Still shot of me thinking about next steps in a race warm-up
      • The shot is slowly going to zoom into my face, illustrating the audience going into my thoughts behind my formal education
  • Slide 2
    • The still image of me lecturing my team on a random topic will zoom out. The Digital Story will go from a zoom in on slide one to the transition beginning with a zoom out on Slide 2
  • Slide 3
    • The background music will soften and a video of me instructing teammates on an improvement will come up. 
      • The audio from the video will overtake the background music and the audience will be able to recognize what I was talking about in Slide 2.
      • The audio from the video will fade out and the background music will come back softly
      • Transition 
  • Slide 4
    • I want to create a warm focus around this next still image of us discussing as a team
  • Slide 5
    • Another video will come on screen. Trying to figure out if I want the video audio to be in it. Then possibly showing another still image while I am narrating.
    • I am also thinking about muting the video’s audio and allowing my narration to go over the video. Since the video speaks for itself.
  • Slide 6
    • Will be a still image with a diagonal zoom (from bottom left-to upper right)
  • Slide 7
    • Diagonal Transition from the top right to center frame
    • Still soft music in the background
  • Slide 8
    • Image Transitions in
    • Music slowly fades
    • Curtain close transition to credits

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