Video Game- Update #2 Identity

One fascinating aspect of the game that I have enjoyed playing thus far is the different identities you can take throughout the game. The premise is you start as a faction (I choose England, check out my second blog post) and the goal is to create alliances and control so much territory through negotiation and conquering. What I have found neat are the different characters you get to play through. Example one a diplomat:

Trade with Scotland

Above is a picture of a Scottish diplomat who interacted with my diplomat and is offering trade rights to increase both our cash flows. It is so fascinating because I am not happy with Scotland. My most recent saved part of the game is a Scottish commander building an army near my capital, London (I know I sound nerdy). However, there is an investment much like Gee talks about in his article. Gee believes that “deep learning requires an extended commitment and such a commitment is powerfully recruited when people take on a new identity they value and in which they become heavily invested” (Gee 32). I have felt that identity and commitment as my fiancée can vouch I may be spending a little too much time playing and discussing my strategy to rid of Scottish nuisance. The difficulty I face is the more I demand the more they want back so if I demand regular payments they may want my map information then they can see where my other strongholds are.

Another fascinating identity that users can take is the part of a military leader, which can be seen in the picture below. There is a lot of thought that I have found to be fun and conflicting. What units different strengths are, and although the game is virtual I have thought to myself about the sacrifice different units are making, and is it worth the sacrifice? Or moving a unit that is certainly going to lose, but it is for a greater good. I am telling you I have thoroughly enjoyed the amount of involvement I have put into the game.

Battle against the Rebels

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