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DC Comic #2

While the comic does not have to deal with a specific classroom observation, it does summarize my experience at Richmond Heights. There is such a negative attitude towards technology that it limits the opportunity and, in my personal opinion, suppresses the cognition of the students. I was able to student-teach in between one of my … Continue reading “DC Comic #2”

Copying Cornell

The first comic’s name is Copy and Paste, and there was a clever meaning behind it. Everything I observed in the classroom that day was some sort of Copy and Paste. Students completed the Cornell Notes that I asked about through copying and pasting. Then, the activity they did in the classroom was information they … Continue reading “Copying Cornell”

Educational Technology in the World | David

ED386 & ED586 educational technology integration, workshop and field study

Leadership Capstone

A website dedicated to my leadership experience.

Dom's ED 586 Technological Space

My thoughts about everything ED586

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