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LC 2- 1st Comic Strip

As I explained, my comic is a representation of some of the anxieties I have when thinking about being a history teacher. The inspiration for the comic came from the story Ayers gave to us on page 29 when he took his class to the concourse. Obviously, the plan was well thought out, he was … Continue reading “LC 2- 1st Comic Strip”

LC 2- Experience #1

John Dewey’s Pedagogic Creed brought up a few questions and maybe some anxieties as a future educator. The two most previous readings I have caught myself nodding while going through the reading because I agree with most statements. However, a question I still have is: how do you implement all of this? For example, on … Continue reading “LC 2- Experience #1”

LC 2- Current Connection #1

            In Ch.4, Education in the Progressive Period, I believe the main theme of the article is defining PROGRESSIVISM.  As readers, we saw progressive education take shape throughout the chapter, branching off into different ideas. The development of progressive education led to the three main ideas in the chapter:  child-centered progressivism, administrative progressivism and social … Continue reading “LC 2- Current Connection #1”