DC Comic #2

While the comic does not have to deal with a specific classroom observation, it does summarize my experience at Richmond Heights. There is such a negative attitude towards technology that it limits the opportunity and, in my personal opinion, suppresses the cognition of the students. I was able to student-teach in between one of my … Continue reading “DC Comic #2”

Copying Cornell

The first comic’s name is Copy and Paste, and there was a clever meaning behind it. Everything I observed in the classroom that day was some sort of Copy and Paste. Students completed the Cornell Notes that I asked about through copying and pasting. Then, the activity they did in the classroom was information they … Continue reading “Copying Cornell”

Observations from the Field

Observing the students in your classroom It has been very interesting observing my students with a focus on technology usage. The students are given Chromebooks and are responsible for the condition of their given equipment. In each observation, they have not used an installed software. Instead, they usually go to a website called Ducksters or … Continue reading “Observations from the Field”

StoryBoard- Digital Story Telling Introduction  I want to open up the digital story with the sound of the starting blocks at the beginning of the race The Screen is going to be black After the opening sound of a starting line I am thinking about having softer music playing throughout the Digital Story Then, there is going to … Continue reading “StoryBoard- Digital Story Telling”


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