Narration- Digital Story Telling

  • Introduction (Opening Scene)
    • “For most, when they think of schooling, they think of a bell ringing indicating class transitions. For me I think about the countdown of the race.”
  • Slide 1
    • “I struggle reflecting on formal education experience. When I try to think about it, all I can think about is my rowing career, because that went hand-in-hand with my schooling career. I am a firm believer that my rowing career taught me more than my schooling. Being a coxswain shaped my identity more than a book or a lecture has”
  • Slide 2
    • “Being on a team brought out my confidence and helped me realize that I learn by teaching others. I enjoy finding ways to connect with others by what I learned or what we are learning together. Teaching others helps me solidify my learning”
  • Slide 3
    •  No Narration
  • Slide 4
    • “I learn not only by teaching others, but also by working out issues together. Whether it was talking out race strategy or changes we are trying to make. This is how I learn in the classroom as well. Group projects with a clear goal and statement set.”
  • Slide 5
    • “Learning is transferred by being able to put it to the test. Our assessment in our season was racing other schools. Being able to put what I learn into practice in a high stakes environment helps me refine my skills. I do not necessarily need to be successful to be motivated, but I need a goal or constructive feedback to achieve the next step.
  • Slide 6
    • “For my learning to be optimized I need to be able to go off on my own without an instructor, and try to put it all together. Much like when a coach will stay quiet as you try to compartmentalize changes.”
  • Slide 7
    • “Learning also needs to be generalized. Whether it is across subjects, or across different aspects of our lives. Being able to learn and then apply the same concepts to similar situations in different environments is important.”
  • Slide 8
    • “Lastly, learning needs to be continuous. As a lifelong learner, I need to constantly be learning and sharing.”

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