DC Comic #2

While the comic does not have to deal with a specific classroom observation, it does summarize my experience at Richmond Heights. There is such a negative attitude towards technology that it limits the opportunity and, in my personal opinion, suppresses the cognition of the students. I was able to student-teach in between one of my observations, and my lesson plan consisted of break-out research groups about slavery resistance. I wanted to limit the number of devices, assign roles, and allow for discovery by not limiting the websites students can use. I was advised not to do that because there would be too high of a temptation to get off task, and I thought about Martin’s four characteristics: Connection, Translation, Off-Loading, and Monitoring. All too often during my observations, my mentor teacher would not allow off-loading, which would give her additional time to assist with monitoring or translations. I found it interesting the resistance to letting go of control and allowing the technology to facilitate learning. I think of our class discussion where Dr. Shutkin showed a video, and the teacher said, “the less I am talking, the better I am teaching.” I found that there is this sense of needing control in the classroom. I think that is the essence of this lesson though. There is no one way to teach, and there is no one way to implement technology. As Salomon and Perkins say, CTOM is not an end-all-be-all, but it is a tool to further learning.

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